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West of England Masters

A huge thank you to everyone who competed in the West of England Masters tournament at the University of Bath at the weekend. Congratulations to all the medalists and a massive thank you to tournament organiser Bob Hammersley and his team of volunteers.

Photographs of the medalists can be found below and the brilliant photographs taken on Saturday by Evan Dawson can can be found at

The Avon medalists were: Mixed Doubles o70 gold - Cathy Alexander with Graham Robinson (Lancashire)

Open Doubles o35 silver - Barry Garnham with Martin Crossley (Cambridgeshire)

Mixed Doubles o40 silver - Jane Watson and Emerson Manabat

Mixed Doubles o65 silver - Nigel Birkett with Lin Wilde (Surrey)

Open Doubles o65 silver - Ian Nicholls with Trevor Hampson (Worcestershire)

Women's Doubles o70 silver - Cathy Alexander and Penny Shears

Mixed Doubles o70 silver - Richard Ridge with Marguerite Butt (Devon)

Open Doubles o75 silver - Mike Cox with Jim Garrett (Kent)

Mixed Doubles 075 silver - Joanna Elson with Roger Baldwin (Essex)

Mixed Doubles o35 bronze - Nicola Wall and Shane Marriott

Open Doubles o35 bronze - Ian Bush with Mark Thomas (Wales)

Mixed Doubles o45 bronze - Olly Powers and Becky Matthews

Open Doubles o45 bronze - Dave Weekes with James Whetter (Cornwall)

Women's Doubles o65 bronze - Dot Barrett and Pauline Taggart

Open Doubles o65 bronze - Richard Ridge and Nigel Birkett

Women's Doubles o70 bronze - Joanna Elson with Sue Awcock (Sussex)

Mixed Doubles o70 bronze - Penny Shears with William Brown (Sussex)

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