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Avon Workforce Academy

The Workforce Academy programme is designed to bring committed coaches, officials and volunteers together to increase the number of Badminton opportunities locally and help towards retaining and increasing Badminton England members. The Workforce Academy will provide support, training, mentoring and CPD, in return for delivering more Badminton activity, creating an accessible and sustainable workforce across the county. Longer term, we hope the Academy will drive the recruitment of future workforce and become responsible for determining workforce education needs. If you would like to join or have an idea for a session, please apply to join below.

Our Sessions...

Hitting the Birdie
Workforce Induction


Every year we welcome our new members at our induction meeting. With tea and biscuits in hand, we hear from inspirational leaders and mentors in the sporting world, discuss how to get the maximum benefit from being an AWA member and get stuck in with some badminton inspired development activities. 

Badminton Racket
Delivering Engaging Sessions

Engaging Players

This practical-based workshop helped our coaches discover how to better captivate and impassion players and club members. Participants developed tools to help adapt their coaching style to cater for new players’ needs and help them build their self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem.  

Fit Woman
Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health

We all know mental health and wellbeing are important in the modern-day world. This session taught participants about common mental health issues, how to identify symptoms and strategies to help support those in need. 

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