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Avon's Senior County Champs Success!

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

What a weekend! Well played to all of the 92 players representing Avon this season and special congratulations to the 19 players who made their Senior County Avon debuts.

League Results

Avon 1sts placed 8th in the Premiership.

Avon 2nds are Champions of division 2

Avon 3rds placed 5th in division 2

Avon 4ths are Champions of division 3

Avon 5ths placed 4th in division 4

Avon 6ths placed 6th in division 4

Team Reports

Avon 2s, 2019 champions of division 2, dominated their matches on Saturday, beating Cornwall, 10-1 in the morning and Devon 2s, 10-1 in the afternoon. Going into Sunday as top of the league, 2 points clear of Devon 1s in second, Avon 2s needed to win just 2 games against Wiltshire to secure promotion. Avon 2s finished on 55 points, joint with Devon... but Avon had the last laugh as we had beaten Devon 1s, 6-5 earlier in the season. Well done to a truly brilliant team.

Avon 4s, 2019 champions of division 3, were 4 points off the pace going into the final weekend with promotion guaranteed for top 2. On Saturday, Avon 4s took two 8-3 wins over Somerset and Gloucester. This mean going in to the final day, Avon 4s were in 2nd place requiring an 11-0 win to overtake West Glamorgan who were sitting in the top spot. After some really close and well-fought matches, Avon 4s took an 11-0 win against Cornwall and were declared league champions by 1 point. Division 2 here we come!

After 2 consecutive promotions Avon 3s knew they would have a tough job not to finish in the relegation zone. Avon 3s had one of the toughest Saturdays going, having to play both Devon 1s and Wiltshire, the 2 teams competing with Avon 2s for promotion! Despite losing both matches, Avon 3s came away with 3 games from each. On Sunday, they faced Cornwall, one set to be a close game, but Avon 3s were not going down without a fight! Eventually they came out on top winning the match 6-5. Well done 3s!

Avon 5s & 6s competed in the strongest Division 4 league of recent years putting in great performances to finish 4th & 6th respectively.

Avon 1s recovered from the relegation zone, gaining 6 points over the last weekend. They avoided relegation by 1point and finished 8th in the Premiership. An unbelievable survival by Avon 1s.

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