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Senior Restricted results and a Paralympian visit

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Well done to everyone who took part in this year's Senior Restricted tournament and congratulations to the winners, listed below. Many thanks to Bob Hammersley and his team of volunteers. Fantastic tournament, as always. It was very special to welcome Paralympian Dan Bethell who presented the medals on Sunday.

Mens Singles

Gold - Sid Halder

Silver - Samuel Weekes

Bronze - Jacob Weekes and Aidan Gibbons

Ladies Singles

Gold - Prarthana Reddy

Silver - Hannah Warren

Bronze - Clara Fitzpatrick-Milton

Mens Doubles

Gold - Sid Halder and Alexander Robinson

Silver - Andrew Craig and Jason Reading

Bronze - Benjamin Kemp and Samuel Weekes

Bronze - Dan Martyres and Fiach O'Rourke

Ladies Doubles

Gold - Devon Minnis and Stephanie Pinharry

Silver - Amy Mellersh and Susanna Ogden

Bronze - Alice Lamb and Bonny Mo

Bronze - Izzy Mullen and Hannah Warren

Mixed Doubles

Gold - Jacob Weekes and Susanna Ogden

Silver - Alexander Robinson and Clara Fitzpatrick-Milton

Bronze - Samuel Weekes and Hannah Warren

Bronze - Jason Reading and Stephanie Pinharry

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