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Juniors shine at Avon Restricted tournaments

The 2020 Avon Junior Restricted Singles and Doubles Tournaments are complete.

A big thank you to all of the tournament organisers, the volunteers, the covid officers, the local junior clubs and coaches and the venues for making the tournament happen across two Saturdays and two venues within the current restrictions.

A big thank you also to Ems Manabat and The Bristol Badminton Academy for raising the bar and supporting Avon Junior Badminton so enthusiastically.

Most of all thank you to all of the players and parents who entered the 15 different events. We came within a whisker of making it 16 out of 16. We will achieve the full house in September at the 2021 Junior Restricted - the date of which will be confirmed very soon.

Many players took the leap of faith to enter a badminton tournament for the very first time. Whether the juniors returned home as County Champions or without a win in their box on this occasion, every player is equally valued and has an equal contribution to the teams Avon will build once the Shires league gets back underway.

To complete the full set of events and disciplines there will be an Avon Restricted 2020 Junior Mixed Tournament at every age group in early July. More information to follow soon.

Roll on. We love it. One Team

Avon Junior 2020 Restricted U12

Singles Winner - James

Singles Runner Up - Harley

Singles Third Place - Tamina

Girls' Singles Winner - Tamina

Girls' Singles Runner Up - Dhyani

Boys' Doubles Winners - James & Nathaniel

Boys' Doubles Runners Up - Harley & Max

Boys' Doubles 3rd Place - Pritiv & Sean

Avon Junior 2020 Restricted U14

Girls' Singles Winner - Martha

Girls' Singles Runner Up - Tamina

Girls' Singles Bronze - Izzy W

Girls' Doubles Winners - Martha & Tamina

Girls' Doubles Runners Up - Izzy & Eve

Boys' Singles Winner - Toby O

Boys' Singles Runner Up - Aidan

Boys' Singles Bronze - Eddie & Isaac

Boys' Doubles Winners - Toby O & Isaac

Boys' Doubles Runners Up - Alphie & Aahaan

Boys' Doubles Bronze - Aidan & James

Avon Junior 2020 Restricted U16

Girls' Singles Winner - Lucy

Girls' Singles Runner Up - Sharlene

Girls' Singles SF - Olivia & Catherine

Girls' Doubles Winner - Catherine & Sharlene

Girls' Doubles Runners Up - Olivia & Sot Sai

Girls' Doubles 3rd place - Lucy & Fran

Girls' Doubles 4th place - Lucy & Georgia

Boys' Singles Winner - Toby Boys' Singles Runner Up - Marcus

Boys' Singles SF - Leo & Max

Boys' Doubles Winner - Toby & Marcus

Boys' Doubles Runner Up - Max & Vincent

Boys' Doubles Third - Anvith & Tom

Avon Junior 2020 Restricted U18

Girls' Singles Winner - Prarthana

Girls' Singles Runner Up - Georgia

Girls' Singles Bronze - Sharlene & Adorna

Girls' Singles Plate Winner - Rhiannon

Girls' Doubles Winners - Amy & Susanna

Girls' Doubles Runners Up - Meg & Rhiannon

Girls' Doubles Bronze - Georgia & Izzy

Boys' Singles Winner - Toby

Boys' Singles Runner Up - Harvey

Boys' Singles Bronze - Guy & Max

Boys' Singles Plate Winner - Abin

Boys' Doubles Winners - Toby & Harvey

Boys' Doubles Runners Up - Guy & Zac

Boys' Doubles Bronze - Mikey & Max, Darong & Abin

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