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Avon success at Masters Nationals

Congratulations to all the Avon players who took part in the English National Masters Championships in Hatfield from 2 to 4 December.

Avon medalists were:

Mike Cox - Over 75s Men's Doubles Gold (and also a 3rd/4th place in Over 75s Mixed)

Joanna Elson - Over 75s Women's Doubles Silver

Ian Nicholls - Over 65s Mixed Doubles Silver (and also a 3rd/4th place in Over 65s Men's Doubles)

Dave Gribble - Over 60s Men's Doubles Silver

Cathy Alexander - 3rd/4th place in Over 70s Women's Doubles

Gene Joyner - 3rd/4th place in Over 60s Men's Doubles

Joanna Elson and partner Vicki Betts

Dave Gribble and partner John Bowker

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