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Avon Junior Restricted thanks and results

Congratulations to all the players who took part in last week's Avon Junior Restricted tournament. A fantastic weekend of badminton at Gordano School, under the expert direction of Bob Hammersley and his team of volunteers - huge thanks to all of them for giving up their time to help it run smoothly. A massive thank you to Deb Pridmore for all the administration in the run up to the tournament, a task deserving of an enormous trophy in itself. Thanks to all the clubs, coaches, parents and supporters who have enabled and facilitated the players in getting on court, enjoying their badminton and becoming part of the Avon family.

The medal winners were:

U12 Girls Singles Gold - Tamina Manabat Silver - Nok Yi Chui Bronze - Lynette Shum and Dhyani Sooriyabandara

U14 Girls Singles Gold - Martha Ng Silver - Tamina Manabat Bronze - Nok Yi Chui and Izzy Watson

U16 Girls Singles Gold - Martha Ng Silver - Sharlene Careng Bronze - Catherine Chen and Olivia Vince

U18 Girls Singles Gold - Georgia Creed Silver - Sharlene Careng Bronze - Izzy Body and Rhiannon Kelley

U12 Boys Singles Gold - Tin Yu Wong Silver - James Chen Bronze - Nathaniel Chen and Harley Fairey

U14 Boys Singles Gold - Tin Yu Wong Silver - Toby Osgood Bronze - Ki Nok Tong

U16 Boys Singles Gold - Leo He Silver - Vincent Tsang

U18 Boys Singles Gold - Jacob Weekes Silver - Barney Pridmore Bronze - Toby Pridmore and Aarya Ramachandra

U12 Girls Doubles Gold - Nok Yi Chui and Lynette Shum Silver - Trisha Harish and Dhyani Sooriyabandara

U14 Girls Doubles Gold - Tamina Manabat and Martha Ng Silver - Eve Price and Izzy Watson Bronze - Zhiyi (Zoe) Fang and Amy Lalu

U16 Girls Doubles Gold - Martha Ng and Olivia Vince Silver - Sharlene Careng and Catherine Chen Bronze - Georgia Powers and Isobel Spence

U18 Girls Doubles Gold - Amy Mellersh and Susanna Ogden Silver - Izzy Body and Georgia Creed Bronze - Sharlene Careng and Catherine Chen Bronze - Rhiannon Kelley and Megan King

U12 Boys Doubles Gold - James Chen and Nathaniel Chen Silver - Harley Fairey and Max Sephton Bronze - Harry Cheung and Sean Jin

U14 Boys Doubles Gold - Ki Nok Tong and Tin Yu Wong Silver - Pranav Kulkarni and Toby Osgood Bronze - Alphonse Jaimon and Aahaan Sharma Bronze - James Chen and Sulumain Hussain

U16 Boys Doubles Gold - Marcus Pan and Toby Pridmore Silver - Leo He and Po Tik Tong Bronze - Max King and Vincent Tsang Bronze - Jacob Hole and Josh Peterson

U18 Boys Doubles Gold - Barney Pridmore and Jacob Weekes Silver - Toby Pridmore and Harvey Thompson Bronze - Guy Denning-Southern and Zac Reyes Bronze - Leo He and Marcus Pan

U12 Mixed Doubles Gold - Tin Yu Wong and Tamina Manabat Silver - James Chen and Lynette Shum Bronze - Nathaniel Chen and Nok Yi Chui Bronze - Max Sephton and Dhyani Sooriyabandara

U14 Mixed Doubles Gold - Tin Yu Wong and Martha Ng Silver - Toby Osgood and Izzy Watson Bronze - Ki Nok Tong and Tamina Manabat Bronze - Alphonse Jaimon and Nok Yi Chui

U16 Mixed Doubles Gold - Toby Pridmore and Sharlene Careng Silver - Po Tik Tong and Martha Ng Bronze - Vincent Tsang and Catherine Chen Bronze - Max King and Olivia Vince

U18 Mixed Doubles Gold - Jacob Weekes and Susanna Ogden Silver - Barney Pridmore and Amy Mellersh Bronze - Harvey Thompson and Georgia Creed

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